Laptop for gaming

Best Laptop for Gaming

Laptops are now having upper hand over the desktop computers. To choose the best laptop for gaming, you should consider the gaming performance, battery life and the screening quality. There are many brands of gaming laptops available and you have to choose the one that suits your needs and budget. You should choose the laptop that has the versatility, portability and connectivity along with the combined power of the desktop. You should have the following features for the best gaming laptop.


Gaming needs somewhat bigger screen, so choose the laptop with the wide screen with high resolution power for fantastic animation. Gaming laptops should be heavy than that of the other laptops. They should contain the graphic card and should contain two or three fans for cooling the CPU.


You should select the most powerful gaming laptop with third generation processor. It should contain not less than 500 GB space because gaming needs more space for storage. It should have the fast hard drive speed and the improved video memory to relieve the stress from the CPU and RAM.

Display and sound

Having good display and better sound is very important for the gaming laptop.

Battery life

Choose the laptop with high and long battery life.

Special features

It should have the convenience of attaching peripherals to the laptops like that of the desktops and the other traditional laptops. It should have many memory card readers, multiple USB ports and a HDMI port. These ports help you to plug into your special gaming keyboard and make your gaming more effective and interesting.

Dell Alienware M18x

Dell Alienware M18x

Top gaming laptops

. Dell XPS 15
. Razor blade
. Eurocom Scorpious
. Samsung series 7 gamer
. Alienware M18x

Totally, choose the gaming laptop with upgraded graphic cards, more RAM and bigger hard drive that improves your gaming well and gives you the best game play.

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