Best Laptop Brands

The brands Top and Best Laptop Brands that I am going to mention will be best laptop brands for “general purposes for general public” with a concept in my mind that you are not going to create a robot out of the laptop. You know, like doing normal things, using simple applications, surfing the internet and such.

Apple Laptops-One of the top and best laptop brands(2014)

Steve Jobs is gone but his innovation is still around us, helping us make our life compatible, reliable and easy. Two laptops, Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook air are two of its best products Top and Best Laptop Brands that has gained huge popularity especially in the United States. Amazing screen resolution, easy interface, portable and lightweight with added “Apple technology” makes them the top laptop brands in the current world. Available on 13 or 15 inch display and priced starting $1299 or $1999, MacBook pro has been the choice of students, professors and other professionals. Similarly, with awesome battery life and comparatively cheaper version, MacBook air is there for those who cannot afford the Pro version or prefer to carry more lightweight laptop.

Sony Laptops

Sony is known for its reliability and yes the laptops made by Sony are long lasting in my own experience. Sony is one of the oldest laptop maker who has taken years to master the production of professionally engineered laptops. Flips laptops, ultra books, Tablet PCs, and traditional laptops are some of the products offered by Sony. Price starts from $549.99 and can extend quite a bit depending on your choice and specifications.


HP is another top notch player in the laptop market. HP had some struggles in the history but still is one of the best laptop brand producer in the world today. Not only computers, HP is known to make top class office accessories as well. There are countless of options to buy from HP. From $299.99 you can buy Chromebook or The HP EliteBook which costs in excess of $1400, a perfect ultra thin notebook for laptop lovers. And of course, there are hundreds of other HP choices you can buy depending on your computing needs.

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